• Fresmy toothpaste tablets

    Fresmy toothpaste

    Non-toxic toothpaste tablets, that work better than toothpaste.

    We founded Fresmy following a simple idea – if everyday products can be made without harmful chemicals and packaged more responsibly, they should.

    Currently around 1 000 000 000 plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills or oceans each year. Itʼs not news but itʼs still mind-blowing. Coming up with a better alternative and grabbing a share of the single-use plastic addicted toothpaste market seemed like a logical place to start from.

    Toothpaste tablets just make sense – taking the idea of a toothpaste, removing the harsh toxins and plastic tube, adding clean ingredients as effective, making it convenient and good-looking, and packaging it sustainably. Thatʼs exactly what we did.

    Fresmy tabs are:

    • Plastic-free #noplastic
    • Easy to use #easy2use
    • Natural #savetheturtles
    • Effective #getsitdone
    • Travel friendly #hasslefree
    • Vegan #plantbased


    98% smaller carbon footprint compared to classical toothpaste (ClimateKIC)

    • Our products are produced according to EC regulations  1223/2009 about the safety of cosmetical products.
    • Our products are approved by Estonian dentists and oral hygienists.
    • Our products correspond to LST EN ISO 13485:2016 and LST EN ISO 22000:2018 regulations.
    • Our products are certified vegan products and are produced with organic ingredients.
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