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  • Toothpaste tablets that contain only necessary stuff

    Toothpaste tablets
    that contain
    only necessary stuff

    Find out what's inside our toothpaste tablets.

    Find out what`s inside our toothpaste tabletsFind out what’s inside our toothpaste tablets

    Toothpaste tablets that contain only necessary stuff

    Acacia senegal gum is a plant-based component that ensures our tabs stay fresh and cool, keeping the menthol from evaporating. It also works against caries, plaque and gum inflammation.

    Activated Charcoal is a fine-grain powder made from coconut shells and can remove toxins and bacteria from the mouth. Helps to remove and prevent surface stains on your teeth.

    Arginine is an amino acid made from protein-rich legumes that raises the pH level in the mouth and prevents bad microbes from attaching to the teeth.

    Vegan vitamin B12 in tabs helps to keep gums healthy.

    Calcium carbonate is one of the most common minerals on our planet. It is found in chalk, limestone and marble. It has tiny particles that gently clean and polish the tooth enamel.

    Cellulose Gum is a plant fiber that thickens the foam in the tablets to enhance the cleaning effect in general.

    Antibacterial essential oils give the tablets a pleasant taste and smell. Essential oils contain limonene, which is considered an allergen. Lemon essential oil also contains citral, which is an allergen. 

    Hydroxyapatite, also known as HAp, is an effective fluoride alternative that strengthens tooth enamel and makes teeth less sensitive. 

    Lactobacillus Ferment is a postbiotic that shifts the balance of microbes in your mouth towards the good guys. Promotes dental health and immunity while removing bad bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.

    Magnesium Stearate (a salt made from plant fat) and Maltodextrin (a corn-based component) ensures our tablets won’t crack or crumble.

    Menthol is an organic compound obtained from the oils of different mints. Besides leaving a fresh and clean taste in your mouth, it’s also antimicrobial.

    Potassium citrate is a salt made from citrus fruits that reduces tooth sensitivity.

    Sodium bicarbonate is a pH balancer in our products, commonly known as baking soda.

    Sodium Monofluorophosphate is an antibacterial salt made from phosphate-containing minerals that strengthens the tooth enamel.

    Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate (SMG) is a sulfate-free mild anionic surfactant and moisturizer manufactured from the plant-derived L-Glutamic acid and a coconut fatty acid. This makes the tablets foam and the teeth shine. This foamer is gluten free.

    Stevia Extract as a zero-calorie and sugar-free natural sweetener made from stevia plant makes the tablets sweet.

    Xylitol helps prevent dry mouth and tooth decay. It inhibits the growth of oral microbes because the microbes use more energy to digest Xylitol than they receive from it. It is a sweet sugar alcohol found in nature, for example, in corn and birch.

    Zinc Citrate is a salt made from citrus fruits that acts as an antibacterial agent and helps to inhibit calculus formation.


    98% smaller carbon footprint compared to classical toothpaste (ClimateKIC)

    • Our products are produced according to EC regulations  1223/2009 about the safety of cosmetical products.
    • Our products are approved by Estonian dentists and oral hygienists.
    • Our products correspond to LST EN ISO 13485:2016 and LST EN ISO 22000:2018 regulations.
    • Our products are certified vegan products and are produced with organic ingredients.
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