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    100% natural
    toothpaste tablets

    Pasta, chemical and waste free
    toothpaste tablets that actually work.

    Toothpaste tablets

    Make a healthy habit
    in 4 easy steps.

    1. Chew the tablet
    2. Brush with a wet toothbrush
    3. Smile and watch it foam up like magic
    4. Spit out the foam

    *For the maximum effect of the minerals, we recommend only spitting out the foam and not rinsing your mouth with water.

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    When do you use toothpaste tablets?

    Antonio Padurets

    “If the hike is camping, Münt toothpaste tablets are definitely in the hiking bag”

    Antonio Padurets

    We believe in making the environment better one smile at a time.

    Find out what makes these the best toothpaste tablets.

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